Andrew Barr Elected as 7th Chief Minister

Yesterday, Andrew Barr was elected as the 7th Chief Minister of the ACT.

In taking on the role, Andrew thanked his predecessor, Katy Gallagher, as a Labor hero, and spoke about the importance of leading a government of Labor values. 

See his speech below.


I am deeply honoured by the result of today’s election – and I am deeply grateful for the Assembly’s support. Thank you.
Eight and half years ago, I was elected to fill the vacancy left by a great Canberran, Ted Quinlan. So I know a little about having big shoes to fill.

But nothing could be more humbling than to follow Katy Gallagher as ACT Labor leader and Chief Minister of the ACT. Katy, few people leave this Assembly better liked and more respected than when they arrived. You are one of the few. You have been a great leader of the government in this place – and you will be a great voice for this city in the Federal arena.

To be the seventh person elected Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory is certainly the highest honour of my professional life. But I know I would not be here without the people of Canberra’s support for the Australian Labor Party in the election of 2012, and without my Labor colleagues’ support for me as their leader.

We should never forget this humble reality: all of us here are representatives.

To keep reading our newly elected Chief Minister's speech, click here.

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