Angie Drake - Candidate for Brindabella

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Angie Drake has lived in the south of Canberra for nearly 30 years and is now ready to stand up for the Tuggeranong valley to make it the very best that it can be. Angie and her husband Paul are small business owners and together they share all the challenges that come with being a part of the local economy. With two children of their own, they are well aware of the pressures of juggling a full time workload and home life.

Angie believes that Canberra is at its best when everyone is able to share the same rights, opportunities and access to great services. For most of the last 14 years, Angie has worked in, and with Government to drive policy ideas and initiatives to improve local services and ensure that the community can enjoy a good standard of living.

Angie strongly supports the need to continue to build a high quality, accessible healthcare system; an exceptional education environment for our children; and a strong local economy with fair, and real job opportunities. She also firmly advocates in all that she does, for a safe and inclusive community. Angie is committed to working hard to enhance protections and services for those who experience family and domestic violence.

Angie enjoys spending time in the Tuggeranong valley with her Dalmation Scout and her two children Harley and Lewis, and particularly loves exploring the interesting maze of running and walking tracks around the suburbs. Keeping fit and healthy are very important to Angie and how she lives her life and that’s why it’s important that her community is safe and accessible.

In 2016 there is a real opportunity to win a third seat in Brindabella and Angie would provide ACT Labor with exactly the right candidate to win that seat. She is local, hardworking, well known across the community and has extensive experience in both government, the private sector and small business.

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