Deepak-Raj Gupta - Candidate for Yerrabi

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Deepak-Raj Gupta is the president of the Australia India Business Council (AIBC) ACT chapter and a member of the AIBC National Executive Board of Directors.

Deepak-Raj completed his tertiary education in Melbourne before moving to Canberra in 2001.

Deepak-Raj is a passionate advocate of the ACT’s multicultural community and has helped organise several popular multicultural programs each year in the annual National Multicultural Festival every February. In October 2015, he was awarded the Community Service Excellence Award 2015 and Business Awards in Sydney. The award was in recognition of Deepak-Raj’s work in promoting multicultural harmony, acceptance, mutual respect and understanding among the ACT’s diverse communities. In 2012, he was also awarded the ACT Community Advocate award by the ACT Government.

Deepak-Raj has extensive experience working in the Australian Public Service. He has also represented the ACT in various international delegations to promote ACT products and services to overseas markets.

Deepak-Raj's priorities are to set health, safety, security and environment as core elements of Gungahlin’s identity and success. Deepak-Raj has a strong sense of responsibility for people issues and the environment. Through collaboration, innovation and dialogue, he is committed to the creation of a more viable society.

A responsible and diligent member of the ACT Labor Party, Deepak-Raj has been living in Gungahlin for the past 14 years with his wife Shuchi. They have two children Mallika, 18, and Ashvin, 12, and two dogs – Sky and Tank.

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