Joshua Ceramidas - Candidate for Kurrajong

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Josh Ceramidas grew up in Canberra’s south and while he is now a working professional with a relatively normal, comfortable life, during his late teens he experienced some hardship. On and off for a period of about four years, Josh experienced homelessness, regularly moving from place to place staying with family and friends.

When he was 21, Josh luckily escaped this sityation. He married his partner, Katie, and was promoted in his public service job that he’d started a few years before. Together, they were able to afford the cost of renting in Canberra. Today, Josh and Katie live in the Canberra City.

Josh first worked as an apprentice baker, starting his days early in the morning to earn just five or six dollars an hour. More recently, for nine years Josh worked with the ACT Government, contributing in service delivery, policy, administrative and management roles. He currently works with the Community and Public Sector Union, campaigning to protect a strong public sector. Alongside his work, Josh completed a Bachelor of Commerce and has commenced a postgraduate law degree.

Josh is highly motivated to serve our community. For most of his life he has been an active volunteer, serving as a community member on public school boards and working with the Australian Student Welfare Association to provide secular community development and social work in ACT schools. He is the founding president of the Canberra City Residents Association, which he established to ensure that people living in the inner City have a voice in the decisions affecting them.

As a Member of the Legislative Assembly, Josh will ensure that people are prioritised in government decisions, particularly the vulnerable and marginalised. He will be a strong community voice who will enduringly remain closely connected with the community, listening and talking with you about the work of government.