Taimus Werner-Gibbings - Candidate for Brindabella

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Taimus believes Tuggeranong is Canberra’s luckiest place.

He believes this because the people of Tuggeranong get to live amongst abundant natural beauty, boasting the best views in the city, modern schools like Lake Tuggeranong College - where Taimus achieved his year 12 Certificate, multiple shopping centres, two historical farmsteads, three peaceful beaches on the Murrumbidgee River, three adventure parks, a lake of our own, growing cultural opportunities, first-class sporting facilities, confident and engaged community clubs like United F.C. - where Taimus plays for Division 8, and the Hawks - where he coached the U/18 Rising Stars, campos coffee, bahn mi’s, supportive, connected and participating neighbourhoods. Tuggeranong is this city’s most pleasant and family-friendly community.

But Tuggeranong can't wait.

Labor is determined to keep delivering for the people of Tuggeranong, to make our wonderful community an even better place to live. Labor will work, not whinge. We will solve, not sook. Our next Government will be focused on reforms and policies to grow our economy, deliver world-class infrastructure and improve health, education and other services across Tuggeranong.

Because Taimus was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at the start of year 12, he is acutely focused on the accessibility of high-quality health care and encouraging healthier, happier lifestyles for Tuggeranong’s citizens. His experience in Federal Government, the public service, big and small business here and internationally indicates that, just like running a successful business, we need to set priorities in order to achieve results so that, over time, marginal gains become exponential improvements.

Labor is committed to not just setting priorities, but delivering on them. Together with his Labor colleagues Taimus will be working across government to achieve the results that will make Tuggeranong better for everyone who lives there, young families like his who have recently moved there, and all of those lucky people who are getting ready to live there - because Tuggeranong is worth it.

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