ACT Election Announcements

ACT Labor’s Plan to take real action on climate change

October 13, 2020

Under a re-elected ACT Labor Government, Canberra will continue to be a national leader when it comes to taking action on climate change.

ACT Labor’s Climate Change Plan will create 2,000 jobs in our city and reduce emissions without putting financial pressure on Canberra households.  

ACT Labor made Canberra the renewable energy capital of Australia, and we want to build on that achievement.

If re-elected this October, ACT Labor will start work to deliver one of the biggest renewable battery storage system in Australia.

ACT Labor’s Big Canberra Battery will deliver at least 250MW of battery storage – ensuring lower electricity prices and a more stable and resilient power grid.

A re-elected Labor team will help more Canberra households benefit from cheaper, renewable electricity through a zero-interest loan scheme for solar panels, household battery storage and hot water heat pumps.

This $150 million commitment is one of the most significant investments in clean energy in the ACT’s history, and will create and protect 1,200 local jobs.

ACT Labor will start the transition of our public buses fleet to zero emissions, which will create 500 local jobs.

This ambitious transition starts with a re-elected Labor Government buying 90 battery electric buses in the next term, building a new zero-emissions bus depot in Canberra’s North and building electric bus infrastructure at the new Woden Depot.

Labor will help lower emissions through the introduction of a food recycling scheme.

By managing food waste through a new system, a re-elected ACT Labor Government will reduce the ACT’s emissions from the waste sector by approximately 30%.

ACT Labor will also continue to build new, zero-emissions schools across Canberra and support non-government schools to become more sustainable through a low-interest loan scheme for solar panels and battery storage systems.

Now more than ever we need a Government with a proven plan to take action on climate change, reduce power bills and ensure a better future for our city.

We are doing this because it’s the right thing to do.