ACT Election Announcements

Towards full employment: more than 10,000 new jobs under ACT Labor

October 16, 2020

Throughout this campaign, ACT Labor has been outlining our plan to support Canberra through the COVID-19 global health and economic crisis.

We are the only party that has outlined a comprehensive jobs and economic recovery plan that will protect and create local jobs.

Our city is facing a significant economic challenge and creating jobs is our number one priority.  Our goal is to grow our employment base to more than 250,000 local jobs by 2025.

Through our commitments, we will create more than 10,000 new jobs. This includes:

  • 6,000 jobs with the construction of light rail to Woden
  • 2,000 jobs through ACT Labor’s climate change and environment policies
  • 1,600 jobs through our new infrastructure investments, including new and expanded schools and suburban infrastructure
  • 1,000 jobs through ACT Labor’s Future Jobs fund
  • 400 new nurses and allied health professionals
  • 400 new teachers and support staff

This is in addition to our already announced job creating infrastructure projects such as the expansion of Canberra Hospital and CIT Woden which will start during the next term of government.

We’ve created and protected Canberra jobs through good times and bad.

Throughout the pandemic, the ACT has maintained the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

We know that a secure, well-paid job is about more than putting food on the table or paying the rent or mortgage.

It provides meaning, structure, connection and opportunity in people’s lives.

That’s why creating jobs will be our number one economic priority over the next four years.

Great new jobs will be created by making the right investments in health, education and action on climate change.

Our plan will also protect the jobs that hundreds of thousands of Canberrans rely on. We will support our tertiary education and tourism sectors that have been hit hard during the pandemic.

ACT Labor has made a guarantee to prudently grow the ACT public service, ensuring we can continue to provide the services Canberrans rely on. A re-elected Labor team won’t privatise government owned assets – a move which would put local jobs at risk.  

The pandemic isn’t over, and there is more work to do. But ACT Labor has the right plan to invest in Canberrans and lead our city over the next four years.