ACT Election Announcements

No-Privatisation Guarantee under a re-elected Labor Government

September 06, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will keep public services in public hands.

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Labor’s Plan for a better infrastructure in Gungahlin Town Centre

September 05, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will continue to create jobs and invest in the infrastructure the growing Gungahlin community needs.

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Increased support for Canberrans in need during COVID-19

September 02, 2020

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will continue to ensure our community sector partners are well resourced to support Canberrans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Major road, pedestrian and parking upgrades for Pialligo

August 31, 2020

Residents, businesses and visitors to Pialligo will benefit from major upgrades to the local area.

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Food recycling service to create jobs and cut emissions

August 10, 2020

ACT Labor will create hundreds of new jobs and help Canberrans take further action on climate change by investing in a city-wide food waste collection service.

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Protecting jobs and investing in our homes

August 03, 2020

ACT Labor has a plan to invest in our city’s future by protecting local jobs and supporting Canberrans to benefit from clean, sustainable homes.

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