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Progressive Books to Inspire Little Ones and Young People

April 01, 2020

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A collection of stories, histories, and illustrations that teach the next generation (and this one) about equality and diversity. Books that encourage us to question bias and injustice.

It’s a strange time for all of us through the COVID-19 pandemic. While our healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, and carers are working overtime to look after our community, the rest of us have a responsibility to do just the opposite, stay home. 

While the idea of no commutes to work and some quiet time might sound quite appealing, finding yourself at home day after day can be tougher than you expected. Whether you’re sharing with housemates, friends, a partner, or your family, your home might start to feel a little small. We all have our own ways of escaping to get some space, whether it’s watching a movie, getting out in the garden, reading a book, or listening to a podcast on a walk. 

For those of us with kids, we’ve had to dig up those year 7 algebra skills, the year 10 history facts, or the dusty primary school reading books. Now more than ever do we understand the hard work, preparation, and passion that our teachers and educators put into raising, educating, inspiring and shaping our future generations.  

We’ve gathered some of our favourite resources books to inspire your little ones or help keep your new homeschool students engaged and learning while you dial into your next Zoom meeting. We have selected books that promote and speak to the values that we stand and fight for; that recognise those who have broken down barriers and stood up to oppression and prejudice; and, teach kids about equality and diversity and how to question bias and injustice.  

For the little ones (0-7 year olds)

Perfect for ages 7 and up

Great for teens and young adults 

That list should keep you going for the next little while. We’d love to hear what your favourite children's books are. Let us know and we will add your suggestions beloew for others to enjoy!

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